Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Teresa Davis visited with all 85 Kindies this morning!

Teresa started with facts (background knowledge) kids knew...
Ask your children to show you ther Sphynx pose...
Geography Facts and vocabulary

  • The mimiced the flow of the Nile.
  • Red Sea, Nile River, Sun rises in the East where the people lived, sets where the pyramids were, in the West. There were 130 pyramids!
  • There is only one sphynx in Giza...
  • Pyramid shape is like a triangle.
  • Sarcophagus is where the mummy goes, Sarcophagus goes in the pyramid.


  • crown
  • jewelry
    • cuff for wrist
    • collar for neck
    • cartouches are necklaces that spelled out their names. They wrote thier names alot so that they would not be forgotten when they died.
  • short sleeves
  • tunic, dresses were light fabrics and loose fitting
  • people wore shorter things when they were doing work
  • longer robes were worn for fancy


  • Egyptians likes to smell nice! They bathed all the time!
  • Most shaved their hair to keep cool and clean
  • They wore wigs
  • Called Black Land because when the Nile floods, the silt is great for plants!
  • They celebrate when the Nile floods because they can grow plants like papyrus.
    • Papyrus was used to make paper-- both the plant and teh paper are called papyrus
    • Children mimiced the process with their hands!
    • Egyptians wrote hieroglyphs on their papyrus
  • cows, horses, camels, crocodiles, goats
  • Which are the same and which are different
  • Milk, meat, bread - hard and crunchy
  • Mummies taught us that the bread wore down most Egyptians teeth!
  • Crocodiles grew up to 20 feet! Measure it out and be amazed
  • Hippos walked on the bottom of the Nile
    • big, heavy like elephants

  • Some animals were sacred-- cats
    • Mice would steal grain and spread disease. Egyptians thought cats were magical and even made mummies out of them!
  • Beetles were thought magical becasue when babies hached from dung balls, Egyptians were amazed!
  • Osirus was green to represent rebirth
  • Ra had head of a falcon
  • Anubus had the head of a wild dog or a jackal
  • Thoth - ibis head - god of wisdom and knowledge and invented writing