Friday, March 1, 2013

"Koala Lou, I do love you" is the repeating line and message given to the koala in this story who is interested in entering the Olympics. She seeks her busy mama's approval and wants to win. Spoiler alert... she does not win and no surprise, STILL has her mother's love and affection unconditionally. I pair this book with another story called Finding Home by Markle, which is also fiction, but much more realistic. We end the lesson with several "true" stories about koalas to support the discussion about what is true, factual, and what is made up. Bottom line-- koala's don't wear clothes. All this discussion is the beginning of your child's journey as a critical thinker. S/he will need to evaluate resources continually throughout their lives for credibility and authenticity. Determining whether a title is fiction or non-fiction was easy when the library was arranged accordingly. No longer. Read more about how (and why) I have decided to mix together our collection here.