About Mrs. Daigle

A long time ago there was a little boy who loved to read. (His name was Granger and he was my dad!) When he grew up, he shared his love of books with HIS little girl. 
He named her Nancy and taught her to love books. She read under the covers with a flashlight; she read at the table (when her mother was not looking); she even read on the sidewalk!

In school, Nancy had many many questions: How do children learn to speak? What are the best books in the world? She fell in love with everything about books and reading. 
When her own children were born, she read them hundreds of books, thousands of books, millions and billions and trillions of books. One day she was asked to read to her son's second grade class because his school had no librarian....

...and she discovered something amazing: 
if she became a teacher she could 
share her love of books 
with lots and lots of children!

So she did. Nancy became a Librarian at Thatcher Brook. She still loves reading, and books, and also making beautiful quilts. (I made this for a friend who had a baby this summer).
People know her now as Mrs. Daigle. She lives in a house that the luna moths like to visit, with her three big kids, and husband, and cat Nigel.

And she still loves books.