Thursday, October 25, 2012

Beginning 1November2012

We got a bit carried away (pun intended) with the bat books last week and also ready a fun story called Hello Bumble bee bat

It is a true story, except as one of your adept students pointes out, bats dont talk. It was set up in question and answer format. We will talk about who narrates the texts we read, as well as what kind of a book each is... rhyming, question-answer, informational, etc.
We also watched Stellaluna, by Janell Canon.

This week we will review the rhymes in Bats in the Library and Bumblebee Bat and I will read Mr Wiggle, a book about book care. I will introduce your children to the "No, no, never, never box". I have collected, over the years, books that have been dunked, damaged, destroyed and demolished in various ways and use these examples to teach about book care.