Monday, September 10, 2012

Week 2

We will start our second Library visit with reminders from week 1. The routine: Find a book, check it out, pack your backpacks will be reviewed and perfected. The story, Ferdinand, is an OLD favorite, but has ties to the story Otis from week 1. Ferdinand, like Otis, likes to sit just quietly and..... smell the flowers. 

We will also read The Terrible Hodag and the Animal Catchers, another books illustrated in primarily black and white. Later in the year, we will do a drawing lesson in the lab where your children will create their own Hodag!

The first week I encouraged kindies to find books from the picture book buckets. This week, they will be able to browse the greater collection. I will continue to suggest that they only take out two books at a time, as their backpacks get very full otherwise. (Parents are always welcome!) This week we will talk some about non fiction (or Informational Texts) and chapter books as sections of the library.